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Foreclosure and Collections Services

Foreclosure and Collections

Foreclosure and Collections Experts

Florida Foreclosure and Collection firms are the focus of our operation. We have been filing new cases statewide and serving Summons since our inception.

Our statewide reach provides same day or next day case filing capabilities. All cases numbers and filing information is available on our website immediately after your case is filed or it can be emailed to you as well. Once the case is filed, it goes out for service the same day.

Choice Process makes five attempts within the first seven days after filing, but the tracking of status is what separates us from our completion. We have automated systems, and experienced staff to track every status stage along the way, including providing additional address information to the servers while they are still in the field, using our location services.

Status updates are available directly from our website and our clients can see every attempt made for each document, along with any notes from the server about his efforts.

A flowchart is included which describes a sample workflow of foreclosure and collection litigation. A tailored program can be set-up to fit your specific requirements, including case filing requirements, number of attempts, status updates, and billing methods.

Contact us today, to get a quote for services, and to receive a detailed proposal, tailored to your firm’s needs.

Sample Foreclosure and Collection Flow Chart

Foreclosure and Collection Flow Chart


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